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Greenscreen Studio Frankfurt by Theimer and Mager

Everything is online today. At least, the Corona Pandemic 2020 has shown us different ways of using events in the web, to keep your customers up to date.

Studio Frankfurt Inclusive Equipment

A professional Truss construction with the mentioned dimensions (next chapter) of the greenscreen, there is also included a coldwhite / warmwhite lighting, a videocamera, a PC with software, as well a wireless microphone.
Your livestream to your Youtubechannel could be easily mastered, or would you like to record a video to a digital media?

You need more technical equipment?
You could choose by reservation in advance or by picking up directly available equipment when you are in our studio, and you do not have to pay the full rental price.

Greenscreen @

Greenscreen @

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We are offering Livestreaming and Videorecording directly at our location in Frankfurt, as well a 10m x 3,0m Greenscreen (2 sides each 5m x 3m).
If needed, a 3rd side with 5m x 3m could be attached as well.

In our demo video, the greenscreen is shown in the smaller 2,8m x 4,0m size.

Studio Impressions Video (description only in german available)

For larger projects we are offering a selected choice of Livestreaming partners, which we already know and we can guarantee, that the performance and cooperation is working excellent.

It does not matter, if you are planning an event livestreaming, internal webcasts, intranet livestream, eventmovies, imagemovie or greenscreen studio.
If you wish, we are establishing the first contact between you and the entertainers and give them the basic datas for your planed event.

A sample for a Greenscreen recorded video you could find below.

Corona/COVID-19 Statement from CEO Thomas Theimer – 16.06.2020 (Only in german available)

Further informations for larger livestreaming productions you could find here: